About Velocity

Founded in 2003, Velocity Recoveries has more than a decade of experience using a comprehensive collection strategy to convert distressed receivables to cash. Our combination of a proven collection network, sophisticated analytics, adherence to high legal and ethical standards and a strong focus on client attention work together to enable us to find satisfactory  account resolution solutions for consumers while maintaining the value of our client’s receivables.


Velocity Recoveries is focused on providing outsourced legal collection solutions for credit grantors, debt buyers, hospitals, utility companies and other owners and originators of consumer receivables.


Velocity combines our strong expertise in legal based collection solutions with our sophisticated account management methodology, and a technologically advanced and compliance focused management system across our network of legal representatives located in all fifty states.


Velocity Recoveries offers creditors and debt buyers an opportunity to partner with a servicer that has extensive expertise managing accounts receivable from both a pre-legal collection and litigation perspective. Velocity will diligently pursue the collection of past due retail and commercial account receivables by providing advanced scoring and in-house skip tracing functionality, along with national forwarding and network management solutions. Velocity yields superior performance by providing valuable services to its clients, while maintaining compliance to all state and federal laws.


We realize that our attorneys, collectors, staff and management are all extensions of your business and we take this role very seriously. With over 60 collective years of industry experience, Velocity is able to build customized liquidation strategies that exceed client requirements all in an effort to maximize liquidation while minimizing risk.


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