Velocity Services

Legal Outsource Solutions
Velocity Recoveries is focused on providing outsourced legal collection solutions for credit grantors, debt buyers, hospitals, utility companies and other owners and originators of consumer receivables.  Learn More


Suit Scoring
Velocity employs a sophisticated decision model to help determine which accounts are ready for legal action, based on balance, jurisdiction, economic data and trends, demographic information, experience ratings and other items for all 50 states and often subdivisions. Accounts are re-scored periodically and then placed for suit, if warranted.


Pre-litigation Collections
Depending on the characteristics of the account, Velocity may use pre-litigation collection services to reduce court costs, increase net back, and identify cases where litigation is impractical. While immediate referral to one of our attorneys is sometimes the best course of action, in other cases, pre-litigation collections is the appropriate first step, while still preserving the option for additional action.


Attorney Network Collections (Litigation)
The heart of any ‘legal focused’ strategy is the quality of the legal network. Velocity applies the skills, resources, and expertise of more than 60 experienced, reputable collection law firms to our clients’ portfolios. Our network operates in every jurisdiction in the United States.


Bankruptcy Recovery Programs
In cases where a debtor has filed for bankruptcy, Velocity offers recovery programs to protect the client’s interest in the bankruptcy.